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3D Configurator C8 Preliator & Spyder

This is what we did for Spyker Cars



Creating Enticing Visuals that Support the Product & Brand



Incorporating 3D Configuration to Create the Ideal Showcase



Creating an Application that Suits the Brand



Custom User Experience & Interface Design

Spyker Cars

Spyker Cars is a manufacturer of highly exclusive hand-build super sports cars. The racing and aviation heritage of the early cars has been carried over to the contemporary Spykers, their design being heavily influenced by airplanes and aerodynamics. Spykers are the ultimate statement of individuality: a creation of timeless beauty in the form of a state of the art technology package with spectacular performance. Every Spyker is as much an individual as its discerning buyer.


Spyker cars came to us to help visually present their newest model; the C8 Preliator. They wanted a 3D-configurator that could help introduce the new model, the configurator was to be used in events and Spyker experience centres to let clients experience and personalize the car of their dreams.

'C8 Preliator' 3D Configurator

The 3D-configurator we made for Spyker is a highly interactive custom-made software project that let's the user interact with just about every aspect of the car. Seeing as the configurator was set to be used at events it had to work effectively and be simple in usage. The configurator introduces users to the new model by letting them explore every angle whilst being able to personalize the car to their liking.


3D Configurator on mobile devices

Considering the fact that Spyker sports cars has a large global fan following it was essential to create a tool that let's these fans experience the new model as if it was in their driveway. A great way to enable this opportunity was to make the configurator run on mobile devices, this decision enabled Spyker to showcase their newest model all around the globe.


Choose your Favorite Colour

One of the most important visual aspects of any car is the carpaint. Choosing just the right combination of colour and finish can make or break the final desing of your car, the configurator let's people cycle through a large variety of possible combinations creating a truly unique colour design. The configurator incorporates lighting and shadow effects that further enhance the lifelikeness of the car.


The exterior of a car is made up out of the body and the rims, we decided to include a zoom function to best showcase the vast variety of rim options Spyker offers for the C8 Preliator mode. The function lets users take full control of the camera, enabling them to fully inspect the rims and fitting wheels of the car.


Customizable interior

The configurator also features an interior option that switches the camera view to the interior of the car letting the user inspect the car’s dashboard and full interior. Spyker offers a high variety of customization when it comes to the interior compartment, from different kinds of leather for the upholstery to a variety of wood choices for the dashboard, the configurator showcases all of the available options.


Final rendering

Another great advantage of the 3D configuration software is that it can be applied to create beautiful high-quality renders of the product in question. This was also done in the case of the C8 Preliator, the renders were used for promotional purposes as to introduce the broad Spyker audience to the new model. The renders are created through the 3D configuration software saving on precious resources whilst providing the brand with highly exquisite promotional content.



Spyker cars strives to create the full buying experience for their customers, this package includes their model lookbook. We designed the lookbook for the C8 Preliator which cycled through all of the car's features, the lookbook was supported by the pre-rendered imagery from the configurator creating an informative and enticing lookbook.



All of the combined efforts make for a great introduction to the new Spyker model, the configurators lets users explore and interact with the newest addition to the Spyker cars line. Interested consumers can design their unique car which creates for a great buying experience. Currently the configurator and the corresponding 3D renders are being used at events and at Spyker experience centers as the opportune promotional package for this great piece of human ingenuity.

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