8tn Engineering

UX / UI Design, Web Development

This is what we did for 8th Engineering


UX / UI Design

Custom User Experience & Interface Design


Web Development

Creating a Website that Suits the Store

8tn engineering

8tn Engineering was founded by Étienne Beijersbergen van Henegouwen in 2016. Étienne has a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, specialised in Product Development. He relies on 20 years of extensive and broad experience in (CAD and FEA) Engineering and Project Management, notably for the small volume niche automotive industry. He is driven to come up with adequate, smart solutions for any product development related challenge in the role of engineer, project manager or consultant. Being in the business for so long, he built up a large network of specialists, suppliers, co-developers and manufacturers in many different fields of expertise, allowing him to complete any job succesfully. Assignments range from short term consultancy and/or engineering jobs to long term, full development projects from initial sketch to SOP.


8tn Engineering came to us with the request for a custom-made website.


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