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Web Development

Creating a Website that Suits the Brand


UX / UI Design

Custom User Experience & Interface Design


We are architects of your dreams. We are 100% Dutch design. We produce environments for genuine experiences. We help you build a brand that inspires. We are devoted storytellers. Your brand is our biggest inspiration. We help you tell the story of your brand... A story that’s real. Where people meet in real life and actually talk to each other. With real tastes, real handshakes and shared experiences. We are passionate professionals. Professional means serious about our work, but not too serious about ourselves. Our company is social and straightforward. Our approach personal and with a little humor. Forget the suit, remember the people.


ARTI70 came to us with the request for a brand-new website and a custom-made 3D configuration tool that could assist their clients in the event construction industry. It was vital that the configurator was to function easily and effectively as to improve the design process for the stands available at the event. Clients had to be able to design their stand with the appropriate articles and configure the booth to their liking. All of the requests were made to improve the digital footprint and buying experience of the ARTI70 services.

Project Portfolio

A custom made project portfolio was made to display the long list of various projects done by Arti70. The images within a project are displayed in a custom made gallery player, branded with the Arti70-icon and special buttons.

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