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Web Development

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Aurelius Technology Consulting was founded by Paul Hertroys. After twenty years of experience as a manager, consultant, project manager and coach, he felt he wanted to provide his services to his clients on the basis of his own personal vision. Bringing back the essence of consultancy to providing services focused on the clients and the clients’ long-term interests by helping them achieve their strategic goals in a sustainable way.

Image Aurelius Technology
Image Aurelius Technology
Image Aurelius Technology



Aurelius Technology Consulting came to us for a couple of specific tasks. They wanted their logo touched up and refreshed. Besides, they needed a website where their philosophy would be displayed alongside the different specific services they offer.

Image Aurelius Technology
Image Aurelius Technology



For the new and improved logo, we took inspiration from the Roman Empire. The company name Aurelius is derived from one of the greatest leaders in modern history, Marcus Aurelius. His philosophy of stoicism provides some fundamental principles for sustainable and responsible management. We wanted to reflect this into the logo by taking a Roman pillar as the basis of the design. The website we created gives a platform for the philosophy of the company and the services Aurelius has to offer.

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