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Bertel O. Steen AS is one of Norway’s largest service and trading companies, and has its headquarters in Lørenskog municipality. At year-end 2011, the Group had 2,660 man-years and operating revenues of 11.7 billion. The Group is divided into three main segments – Cars, Other Business and Real Estate. The Car segment comprises Car Imports, Car Retail and Car Financing. Other Business comprises Agriculture, Sports and Leisure, Industry and Security and Snap Drive AS. The Real Estate segment comprises the Group's properties for car retail and other commercial properties.


As we have the capability to act fast and come up with quick creative solutions, Bertel O. Steen came to us with the request to create visualisations for their projects. All projects were separate instances that supported Bertel O. Steen through the creation of visual imagery that suited their brand.


Commissioned by our partner NINtec


Dealer landing page

We made a visualisation of what an occasion dealer page could look like as to introduce the possibilities available for their digital footprint.

Interactive Car Stand

We also designed an interactive car stand for Bertel O. Steen which presented a number of car models through the interactive screen. Users can interact with the screen to cycle through all of the available information and visuals of the models. The stands are currently being used for community events as to inform the large audience Bertel O. Steen has around the world.

reception screens

We also took care of designing the reception boards which informed people with the time and weather through large LCD screens, the boards were designed to give consumers a nice feeling once they entered the building as to improve the overall buying experience.


Mobile application for carbon footprint

We designed a clean and simple User Interface for a mobile application that gave the consumer direct information about their carbon footprint, in relation to their usage of bio diesel.


Meetings & Appointments system for Tablet

We also made visualisations for a planning system that would track your appointments for you shown on a tablet. We incorporated a clean and stylish look that fit the existing brand whilst providing the user with all the required information.


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