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Buro Lubbers is a design bureau for landscape architecture and urban development. The multi-disciplined team has the creative capabilities to design spatial planning for today and the future. They create an environment where people and nature can feel at home and flourish. It is their passion to design a habitat where mankind can live in harmony with trees, flowers, birds and butterflies. The right balance between stone and grass enables a healthy living environment. Buro Lubbers takes into account all the important factors like climate change, biodiversity, social unrest and urbanization to come to an ideal outcome.

Buro Lubbers Brandbook poster



The kind people of Buro Lubbers came to us with the request to touch up their branding, have a closer look at their logo. They also needed a new website to display all their projects.

Buro Lubbers Poster page 3



We have touched their logo to improve the branding of Buro Lubbers. For their website, we have created a place where all the projects can be highlighted. It allows the projects to be described in full detail which really boosts their SEO. It is easy to search for different characteristics per project. We kept the design clean and green to reflect the nature of the company. The design of their landscape architecture is progressive and beautiful. Buro Lubbers does a tremendous job with transforming the little space there is in the Netherlands into a balanced and healthy environment for the public and local nature.

Buro Lubbers phone mockup

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