Coach Hero

Web & App Design

This is what we did for Coach Hero


Web Development

Creating a Website that Suits the Brand



Creating an Approachable B2C Webshop that Suits the Products


UX / UI Design

Custom User Experience & Interface Design



Coach Hero is a company that provides blended coaching for everyone that is open to grow as a person as well as a professional. Blended coaching is a mix between offline and online forms of communications. Think of face-to-face conversations, phone- and videocalls and instant messaging. This mix is proven to have the best results. Companies can take a subscription so that their employees can benefit from tailor-made coaching.



They came to us with the question whether it would be possible to create a website that could function as an app. This PWA, progressive web app, had to run on Android as well as devices Apple devices.



To cater to the needs of Coach Hero, we have created a PWA. This website can be saved on your iPhone or Android device, to be used as an app. You can even run the PWA on your phone without an internet connection. This required a special type of web development. The PWA will help individuals to improve themselves through coaching by using the livechat,and videocalls. Your progress is well structured and visible. You can also add daily tasks to your agenda to track your growth.

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