De Kaaskamer van Amsterdam

Webdesign, E-commerce, Photography

This is what we did for De Kaaskamer


UX / UI Design

Custom User Experience & Interface Design



Creating Enticing Visuals to Support the Products & Store


Web Development

Creating a Website that Suits the Store



Creating an Enticing B2C Webshop that Showcases the Products

De Kaaskamer

You will find ''de Kaaskamer'' cheese shop amidst the ‘’9-streets’’ in the center of Amsterdam. Their team consists of passionate and trained cheese specialist that are happy to help you put together a nice cheese plate or find the one cheese you are looking for. In addition to cheese they sell a wide variety of wines and beers, they also burn nuts and make homemade salads, tapenades and pesto’s. Be sure to visit de Kaaskamer to taste their famous homemade cheese fondue!


De Kaaskamer came to us with the request for a custom-made website & webshop that could represent the essence of their physical store located in the heart of Amsterdam. They needed a website that could act as an online store as well as a digital representation of the physical store. Seeing as the store has many international consumers they needed a website that was available in both the native and english language. The website had to be fully accessible for both desktop and mobile users.


Website & Webshop

The website is designed to function as a great digital representation of the store, the combination of enticing visuals and an appealing story introduces the reader to the store, it's history, and the available products. The webstore presents the available products through the usage of visual imagery of the store and the cheeses, whilst providing the buyer with accurate descriptions creating a great buyer experience.


Banner Video

Because the store is located at a beatiful location in the center of Amsterdam, we decided to incorporate an interactive banner into the home page of the website. The video was shot and edited by our team and is used to introduce people to the store and it's surroundings. The banner makes for a great sneak peek into the store for the digital shoppers.


Cheese Photography

When it all comes down to it this website & webshop is all about cheese, which means it was of vital importance to portray these local and international delights in all their splendor. Our team took care of both the shooting and the editing of over 500 pictures of different kinds of cheeses. The portrayal of each of these pictures was done in a similar manner creating a very iconic and recognizable set of images.

Product Presentation

Seeing as every image made has a very similar look and feel to it, they are easily recognisable, this is then paired with the descriptive backstory of each of the products. De Kaaskamer sells a variety of cheeses from all over the world, each one has a different story, look and of course taste. All in all creating a tempting assortment of products in a visually pleasing package.



All the previously described steps create an appealing digital presentation of De Kaaskamer, step into the cheese valhalla of Amsterdam and order easily from a variety of cheeses and products. The website and webshop are internationally oriënted and support both mobile and desktop users.

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