3D Configurator

This is what we did for De Berkel


3D Configurator

Incorporating 3D Configuration to Create the Ideal Showcase

This is what we did for NCS

De Berkel

De Berkel is a company specialized in working clothes. They have produced garments for the hospital sector for decades but nowadays they offer a wide variety of products and services for several markets. Big corporations can order tailor-made clothing lines as well.


De Berkel came to us with the request to create a 3D configurator for their products. It was important to portray their clothing in a realistic way, with the possibility to adjust and customize all the products available.


We are proud to have created a tailor-made 3D configurator for de Berkel. All their clothing is displayed in a very clean and realistic way. The textures are high quality, the visuals are stunning. It’s possible to add logos and names. The prints are immediately ready for production. We have designed a UI/UX especially for the application which creates a user-friendly interface.

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