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Ecu Line

You have over 300 offices in 160 countries. Trusting your cargo to a company that has a rich legacy, local as well as global expertise and a wide network comes with unique comforts. Trust and transparency form one of the core values at ECU Worldwide. Be it corporate governance, sustainability or engagement with employees and customers, their ethos and services reflect quality and excellence in everything they do. It is a mark of our global leadership in LCL consolidation. Founded in 1987, ECU Worldwide are one of the major players in multi-modal transport, they assure you a smooth, safe and end to end coordination for your cargo, no matter how far the destination is. You gain from their experience ECU Worldwide leverages our global synergies, calling on an in-depth knowledge of local markets and vast experience in global logistics to deliver the best results for you. When you move your cargo with them, their teams across 160 countries work together for you, applying local strengths to get your cargo to your destination, thus efficiently making it ‘One world, One office’ for you. Book, trace and lots of features are just a click away for you.


We were commissioned by the Nintec group to design a new interface concept for clients and managers of ECU worldwide. ECU worldwide offers transportation services all over the world and they are always try to be innovators in the field of technology which is why we were hired to help them come up with brand new concepts that could help out their clients and in-house staff.

innovative-digital-amsterdam-ecu-line 06
innovative-digital-amsterdam-ecu-line 05
innovative-digital-amsterdam-ecu-line 03
innovative-digital-amsterdam-ecu-line 02
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