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FB Agency

If you want to increase the brand awareness of your brand, product or service, want to organize an event for a new concept, then its all about the approach. The possibilities are endless. But how do you choose the right approach appropriate to your budget? Haarlem-based FB agency is a Full service project management firm with years of experience in the field of brand activation and project management. FB agency has a large network of the most diverse creative minds and companies.


FB agency came to us with the request for a website that could show the companies'services and portfolio in a transparent manner. The website had to incorporate visual imagery from prior events and projects and be compatible for mobile and desktop users. The website was to be used as a digital leaflet that could be sent to potential clients to prove the added value that FB agency could provide.


Web Development

When we started the design process we quickly agreed upon making it a 1 pager. This technique allows for a slender design that cycles through the subcategories in one smooth motion. The essential part of the website is the structure, firstly, it introduces viewers to the company and its offered services, this is where the vision and history of the company and its specialties are presented. The page then goes on through the working methods and prior projects which is supported by several project video's that can be viewed in the page. The page ends with reviews and the contact information where intersted clients can contact the company.


The site now functions as a great promotional and sales tool for both B2B and B2C audiences. The digital leaflet is easily accessible for both mobile and desktop users creating a great way of displaying everything FB agency has to offer.


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