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Creating a Website that Suits the Brand


A reliable and safe motor yacht with a comfortable interior is the best guarantee for many pleasant sailing hours on the water. If you also buy a spacious and luxurious yacht for a fair price, the dream of freedom aboard your own yacht becomes a feasible reality! With Gruno Motoryachten you will find a large selection of steel motor yachts in various sizes and designs for extremely attractive prices. They have many years of experience in building custom-made quality yachts and have mastered this form of yacht building with a track record that spans over 30 years.


Gruno Motoryachten came to us with the request for a website that could showcase their unique set of services and luxury yachts in an enticing and informative manner, the website had to incorporate their detailed services and imagery of the yachts. The website also had to promote their brand-new renting services with which consumers could book a yacht via the website.



Gruno Motoryachten was launching a completely new service in the form of yacht rentals, they planned to lease out several of their yachts for consumer usage. We put up a separate, enticing page for each of the yachts, these pages featured information about the yachts and explained the renting process. Consumers can use the booking tool which we incorporated in the website to see the availability of the yacht in question and book right away.



All in all the website now stands as the main point of digital presentation for Gruno Motoryachten. It is the centre of all outward communications of the company and provides potential consumers with everything they need to know and more. The combination of alluring imagery and clean pages without to many distractions suits the Gruno Motoryachten brand and vision.

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