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Haarlem Shopping Night

Fun activities, good food and drinks and most importantly, high discounts, that is what the Haarlem Shopping Night is all about. The city center of Haarlem is bursting with creativity and coziness, entrepreneurs and shopkeepers join in with numerous activities all in honour of the special theme "The Art of Shopping". The ‘’makersmarkt’’ takes place on the Grote Markt, full of homemade art, fashion, food and design. The annual Shopping Night attracts between 20,000 and 30,000 visitors every year.


The organisers of the Haarlem Shopping Night came to us with the request for an informative website that could introduce potential visitors to the yearly festivities. It was essential that the events of the last years would be showcased throughout the entirety of the website as to convince potential visitors.



The Haarlem Shopping Night is funded by a large number of sponsors, one of the requirements of the sponsors was to be featured on the event and website. We decided to add the total list of sponsors in a clickable slider that showcased all of the logo’s, this informs the user about the companies that helped organize and make this event possible.


The website now functions as an informative piece that showcases the prior Haarlem Shopping Nights through visual imagery. The website delivers the user with all the information about the event including; the location, the program and the attending shops and sellers creating an interactive digital flyer of the Haarlem Shopping Night.


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