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Knijn Bowling

Paul Knijn started his company Knijn Bowling BV in 1971. The businessman at heart, is part of an entrepreneurial family that had ties to several car companies (Mercedes Benz, Saab, Chrysler). The bowling enterprise started with a Fiat showroom in the middle of Amsterdam that was not in usage, after an inspiring conversation with Freddy Heineken at the end of 1969, Paul Knijn decided to transform the space into the renowned bowling alley we know today.



Knijn Bowling came to us because they were looking for a website that could represent their now renowned bowling alley in the centre of Amsterdam. The website had to be catered to both the regulars and tourists alike, and show off all that Knijn Bowling has to offer. They wanted to showcase their memorable history and offered services in a manner that would entice all visitors.


The website features a number of effects that guide the viewer to the different services Knijn Bowling offers, these effects make the experience of browsing through the website remarkable and stick with the viewer. These effects often come in the form of movements and are created to perfectly showcase the treats at hand and truly get a longing for a fun game of bowling and a nice dinner afterwards.



The website now stands as Knijn Bowling’s online representation and business card. It incorporates Knijn Bowling’s brand into every page and makes all the rendered services easy to find and book on the spot. Whilst the website looks fresh and clean it also shines a light on the companies’ remarkable past and how the business transformed over the years giving the website a more authentic look and feel.

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