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This is what we did for Lucis Wireless Lighting



Creating a Brand from A-Z



Creating Enticing Visuals that Support the Products & Brand


Web Development

Creating a Website that Suits the Brand



Creating an Approachable B2C Webshop that Suits the Products



Writing Informative and Enticing Texts that Suits your Brand



Incorporating SEO-Supporting Features


3D Configurator

Incorporating 3D Configuration to Create the Ideal Showcase


UX / UI Design

Custom User Experience & Interface Design



Setting up a Crowdfunding Campaign that Suits your Brand



Creating a Clear Overview of Services & Products

Lucis Wireless Lighting

Lucis Wireless Lighting is designed, developed and produced by Innovative Brands b.v, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They started their mission to make wireless lighting better and more intuitive in 2015 with their initial Indiegogo campaign. From the first to the second batch they are already onto their third line which features new products, accessories, and lamps. Lucis is growing its worldwide network of retailers and never stops developing and integrating the best technology and highest standards into its products.


Lucis is our in-house wireless lighting brand, since the brand's immersion we have performed a large variety of services that made the brand to what it is today. We started through the creation of visual imagery and crowdfunding campaigns to ascertain funding for the production. This later turned into the full-on production of SEO website's and web shops that are fully responsive and supportive to the buyer experience. This was further supported by the custom-made 3D configurator that was later integrated into all systems.



Seeing as Lucis is our in-house concept everything you see was created by our design team, from logo's to fonts to the imagery that supports the marketing opportunities. A brand needs to portray the same ''tone'' to start being recognizable and trustworthy, Lucis went through several transformations during the cube shape phase, these transformations were explicitly communicated to the brand followers. Lucis has since shifted into the next pill-shaped phase which was properly communicated through various strategies. Our design team created similarities in the packaging and prior line of accessories to create a smooth transition. This was further emphasized by the actual products which were designed to create the same ''feel'' in a different shell.



One of the largest influences in the representation of products and a brand is good visuals. Which is one of the main reasons why having a design team can be so beneficial for promotional purposes and sales. All of the visuals used on the websites, campaigns and social media channels were shot and created by this design team. We utilized rendered imagery to showcase concept ideas to a broad audience. If these had a positive response we would produce and use these same products in photoshoots using a variety of equipment including drones to show every angle of the product. The team would then create promotional videos and skits that could be used as great presentation and sales tools for all the outlets and platforms.


Lucis 3.0 Campaign Video

This video was made to show the Lucis 3.0 concept to first-time viewers, it cycles through all of the special features and accessories. The video was shot and edited by our in-house design staff.

Lucis 2.0 Campaign Video

This video was made to be enticing and informative for viewers, it focused heavily on the benefits of portable lighting in different enviroments. This video was shot and edited by our in-house design staff.

Web Development

In today's digital environment Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is of vital importance to a companies' credibility. This is even truer with conceptual products that are sold through a variety of crowdfunding campaigns. A solid website and SEO score can create a more trustworthy image for the product and the company behind it. The website we created for Lucis was based on our visuals and supported by informative copywritten texts that presented the concept and features.



A webshop should be easy, informative and enticing, which is exactly what we tried to recreate with the Lucis™ webshop. The concept had been made clear and people were referred to the webshop on other websites. The webshop acts as an easy selling tool that is quick and easy in use which makes for a great buying experience.

3D Configurator

Another great showcase tool are the 3D configurators we built for Lucis. A configurator is a custom-made software solution that enables the user to view and alter the product in a full 3D-environment. We built the configurator to help introduce people to the concept and play with the features. The configurators are used as a selling and promotional tool that lets consumers people pick and choose their best version of the products. This unique tool is easy to understand and supported the Lucis crowdfunding campaigns, websites, and the webshop.


Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding was an essential tool in the Lucis concept process. When we started in 2015 we used it to help fund the initial production which enabled us to create more and better products. At the same time the crowdfunding campaigns introduced the concept to the world, we designed the page to be clear coherent and engaging using stunning visual imagery. The success of the first campaign led us further down the crowdfunding path working on platforms like Indiegogo & Kickstarter. All in all the campaigns collected enough money to fund several concept rounds and create the brand that Lucis is today.









and counting...


"...designed with contemporary styling, the device fits well in most modern homes, serving as a neat table lamp that can be carried around with you and placed anywhere in the house."

- Yanko Design

"The interface reminds me of an iPod Shuffle - up/down volume controls, forward/backward to skip tracks, and a single play/pause button. Hardcore geeks may scoff at the simplistic design, but technophobes will appreciate not needing a technician to set it up."



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