Magic Digital Partners

Webdesign, Custom CMS, Three.js banners

This is what we did for Magic Digital Partners


UX / UI Design

Custom User Experience & Interface Design


Web Development

Creating a Website that Suits the Brand



Designing a complex and interactive banner



Incorporating SEO-Supporting Features

Magic Digital Partners

Magic Digital Partners is an Amsterdam-based company that specializes in Post Production, Visual Digital Communication, Content Creation and Fine Art. They have over 20 years of expertise in the field and have a clients from a variety of backgrounds. The company works with the likes of Erwin Olaf, Marcel Wanders, Jimmy Nelson, Under Armour, Fanta and many more. Come to them with your ideas, sketches, briefings, RAW- or developed files and they will cherish and nurture them into beautiful products!"


Magic came to us with the request for a website that could successfully present their astounding visual content to B2B clients. The website had to incorporate a CMS system that supported complex visual designs to show off all of the services Magic has to offer.


Unique Banner & Icons

The website uses a complex interactive banner to showcase an example of their Fine Art & Imagery skills that they offer as one of their services. The image used in the banner is a photo from Dutch-photographer Erwin Olaf. The banner is interactive due to the fact that viewers can hover over certain interest points in the banner which will then zoom in and reveal deeper aspects of the image. This feature is focused on desktop users, mobile users have a raindrop effect that covers the banner on first-entry of the website giving it a mysterious and interesting feel. Next, to this, we also incorporated custom made icons to further add to the overall unique look and feel of the website.


All these described steps resulted in an enticing user experience through stunning imagery supported by great features. The website functions for both desktop and mobile users and is used as a great B2B sales and presentation tool.


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