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Creating a Website that Suits the Brand

Millennium Tower

The multi-tenant building Millennium Tower Amsterdam, on Radarweg 29, has 24 floors with a combined floor area of approx. 39,000 m2, part of which is let to RELX Group's main tenant. The Millennium Tower is a 'Landmark' in Amsterdam. With a height of almost 100 meters, it is one of the tallest buildings in Amsterdam. The entrance has been completely renewed and with its new manned reception desk completely updated and ready for the future.


Millenium Tower Amsterdam came to us with the request for a website that could present their building, facilities, and location to potential tenants. The website had to be focused on B2B visitors and be easy to find, it also had to support both desktop and mobile users.

Web Development

The main focus of the website was to effectively show the available facilities in the building, its location and function as a promotional tool. The website was heavily SEO-proofed to be easy to find for potential tenants. The website also features an incorporated viewer technique that lets viewers see which spaces are vacant and open for rent whilst providing general information like price and square footage. The website presents the location, the surroundings, availability and all of the benefits in a clear and smooth manner.


The website currently functions as a presentation and sales tool for Millenium Tower Amsterdam. It is fully optimized for both mobile and desktop users to create a tool that can be used at all times. The site is the first thing that pops up in search engines when searching for office spaces in the neighborhood creating a great sales funnel.

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