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PBLQ is an organization that offers consulting services to clients in the public sector exclusively. Through advice, first-hand research, change management and training, they are able to provide actionable insights and the greatest possible social effect in their solutions thanks to both in-house expertise and key partnerships (including academia). They specialize in a range of various fields such as healthcare, smart city innovation, digital government, safety and justice, construction and information management.



They came to us with the specific request of creating a website that was user friendly with a "look and feel" of assurance.



To suit our client needs, we used a modern design with soft gradients that are easy on the eye and directs visitors in a organic way through the website information. We are aware of the latest trends in user interface which is why we also implemented dynamic features such as expanding images and interactive buttons. An emphasis was made on the human element which aligns with the brand's purpose and creates synergy between PBLQ's core services and visual design.

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