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This is what we did for pols potten


UX / UI Design

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Creating Enticing Visuals that Support the Products & Brand


Web Development

Creating a Website that Suits the Brand


Pols potten is not your ordinairy interior design brand. This Amsterdam born company has a rich history of creating unique accessories, furniture and lighting. They stay away from the ordinary and keep surprising with spectacular designs. They have built a name for themselves that travels far. With an evolving and growing variety of colorful items, they stand out. They have put Dutch design on the map and don't plan to back down anytime soon.


Inviting the world to your store

Pols potten wants to invite the whole world to their store. They have created such a wonderful showroom where all of their beautiful products are on display. But what if it’s just not possible to visit their store? What if we live on the other side of the globe? How do you increase the reach and improve the shopping experience from a distance? So we had to come up with a solution. We had to bring their store to your digital doorstep. An environment where you could wander around, view all the items and order them easily.

Virtual Tour, a visual spectacle

Everything revolves around the visual spectacle that is offered. You just can't get away with a static image of a product. A world must be created in which you are taken on an adventure, in which a story is told. We want to travel, especially now. We want to be able to wander through a showroom, but from the comfort of our own home. We want to see the products in an appealing environment. As a solution for this great challenge, we have created the pols potten Virtual Tour. It takes online shopping to a completely new level and provides that unique experience. This virtual store is open 24/7. Everything from the comfort of your own home.

Matterport Technology in action

How did we manage to create this virtual version of the pols potten showroom? Because it’s not a case of simply taking some pictures and gluing them together. We have used the Matterport technology to create a digital twin of the actual showroom. We visited the pols potten store and scanned the whole space. Obviously, the whole place had to be spotless since the result would be an exact copy of the actual view. Since the store is over 450 m2, we had to use hundreds of scans to capture every nook and every product. They have over 600 products on display and every single one of them had to be scanned accordingly. A vast amount of scans and data was collected to be able to have the correct measurements and dimensions of the complete showroom. This is how an actual copy of the store was created and the digital online version of the incredible pols potten showroom is born.

Your store open 24/7

We have connected the webshop to the Virtual Tour space which makes it super easy to take a closer look at every item you like while walking around in the virtual store. You can easily select an item and order it right away because every item is connected to the webshop. It’s a great example of a well-integrated E-commerce system, working in harmony. The Virtual Tour is the ultimate way to invite your customers to your store from all over the world. Your store is open 24/7 and you create a lifelike experience that they will enjoy and remember. Spoil your clients with this visual spectacle, boost your E-commerce and ramp up online sales. The Virtual Tour is a gamechanger, it is the future of shopping!

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