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Proloog is an Amsterdam-based company that specializes in vivid 3D architectural visualizations and animations. Specific areas of interests are visuals of Urban Spaces, residential housing, 3D environments and many, many more. The special expertise at Proloog lies in the creation of high-quality renders that are a perfect showcase of a project creator's thoughts in the form of realistic, enticing imagery.


Proloog came to us with the request for a website that could showcase their high-quality renders without long loading times. The previously performed services had to be shown in a clear and minimalistic manner. Another factor was the approachability for newcomers, viewers had to be able to understand what they were looking at without reading a single word.



The website featured minimal texts, this was intentionally done to put the emphasis on the imagery. This resulted in a very spacious vibe that could be taken in easily without having to read a single word. The story page functioned as a portfolio of previously performed services, each project was featured through a single large image. The viewer could hover over the image which would then turn red to indicate the project and give some basic information. The so called-overlay effect was custom-made to give more clarity and information whilst still keeping the minimalistic feel of the web pages. This approach gave the website its artsy approachable feel.


The website now functions as a B2B showcase that caters to all of Proloog's needs for simplicity and minimalism whilst providing the user with all the information to make the correct decision. The website has been fully optimized for both mobile and desktop users to build towards a great user interface and user experience using the beautifully rendered imagery.


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