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Savills plc is a global real estate services provider, listed on the London Stock Exchange. They have an international network of over 700 offices and partners in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East. This network offers a wide variety of specialized advice, management and transaction services to customers around the world. Savills is an RICS regulated organization and has committed itself to the behavioral and ethical rules of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Integrity is one of their most important values. Their people combine entrepreneurial spirit and a thorough understanding of specialized real estate sectors with the highest standards of customer care.


Savills came to us with the request for a custom-made web application that had to incorporate with existing API's. The website had to be accessible for both mobile and desktop users, it's main focus was to illustrate the availability of corporate office space in cities. These vacancies had to be portrayed using custom-made imagery in the form of wireframes, icons, and flowcharts which had to suit the brand.


Web application

The website's primary goal was to be utilized as an effective real estate tool. The city of Utrecht was used in the initial creation phase to showcase the website's beneficial features for the real estate industry. The map showed a variety of vacant buildings which were highlighted through several custom-made icons that were aimed towards representing the brand of Savills. Seeing as the applicability of the website could far outway just one city it was made to be applicable to other cities by changing some minor details creating an effective package which can be used for every city in the world.


Wireframes, flowcharts and icons

Because Savills is a multinational company with departments all over the world it was vital to represent the trusted name of the brands through all the imagery, icons, and visuals portrayed on the website. The process started through intensive rounds of collaborative meetings and describing flowcharts dividing the different segments of the project. The plan was supported by wireframes to ensure there would be no difference between the clients wants and the eventual end-product. Another important factor was the API attachment which was set to work in every future expansion of the original version.


All the previously described steps create an effective real estate tool that helps Savills manage their potential clientele base. The tool represents the established brands and is easily recognizable through supporting visual imagery and icons. The applicability factor gives plenty of room for future expansion and could be utilized as a global tool.


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