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Stormink Keukenstudio

Stormink Keukenstudio is a unique place, right in the center of Gorssel. Their studio is characterized by prime service, the highest quality, an excellence guarantee and unique designs. They also think small-scale and friendliness are of the highest importance, as well as great communication between them and their clients. Their kitchens are suitable for every budget and the customer is always king.


Stormink Keukenstudio came to us with the request for a website that could showcase their exceptional services and extensive company history. The website had to incorporate a video banner that would introduce the user to the store in Gorssel. The beautiful imagery of their prior kitchen products also was to be featured on the website to create a ''kitchen-gallery''.

stormink_keukeanstudio_fotoshoot_03_ (5)


The website now stands as an online representation of Stormink Keukenstudio and all of their offered services. The website presents an overview of past kitchen products that shows the user exactly what they can expect if they were to get in bed with Stormink Keukenstudio. The website also represents the personal touch that Stormink Keukenstudio wanted to emulate to their online audience.


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