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The Art Of Wedding

The Art of wedding event was a High-End classy event set up by Madelein Cramer-Alberts and Judy Dekker in order to explore the possibilities of the perfect wedding back in 2018. In their opinion, a wedding fair could be so much more, therefore they bundled their powers to throw one with an upgrade. An upgrade with a hip-chic look with the best suppliers selected by them. In this event they, among other things, put the groom in the spotlight! Their tenacity in the field of wedding and event planning made for the perfect recipe for a great event that was both informative and enjoyable for the attendees.


The organizers of the event came to us with a request for a website that could showcase their intentions for the event. It also had to inform the potential attendees of the fair to the specifics and in’s and out’s of the event. The website was to feature a large amount of enticing visuals primarily based around the subject of the fair; the perfect wedding. Another important detail was that the site had to function perfectly for both mobile and desktop users. This combined with the high-quality imagery called for perfect optimization strategies in order for the website to function for all kinds of users.

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