Van Dijk & Ten Cate

Webdesign, Custom mailing platform

This is what we did for Van Dijk & Ten Cate



Creating a Clear Overview of Available Services


UX / UI Design

Custom User Experience & Interface Design


Web Development

Creating a Website that Suits the Brand



Creating a Complex Video Banner



Designing an Approachable B2B Sales Platform



Creating a Fully-Functional API

Van Dijk & Ten Cate

Van Dijk & Ten Cate Real Estate Advisors is a decisive real estate agency in commercial real estate with real business know-how. In addition to the office market in the Greater Amsterdam area, Van Dijk & Ten Cate has earned its spurs in the Dutch investment market. In 17 years’ time, Van Dijk & Ten Cate has been involved in the sale of more than 17,500 homes. Independence and professionalism are highly regarded at their offices. Through a combination of experience, know-how of the real estate market, enthusiasm, level of education (register broker/appraiser, MRE) and an extensive network, Van Dijk & Ten Cate provides the client with a solid basis for a great cooperation.


Van Dijk & Ten Cate came to us for a custom website that showed off all of their services. The website had to have a B2B sales focus that could present all the available vacancies directly from their back-office system. This meant viewers would have to have direct access to the database in a presentable showcase.


Commissioned by our partner BGMW


Content Management System

The main focus of the website was the creation of the availability platform. Van Dijk & Ten Cate's main business is Real Estate Consultancy, they have a constant offer of diverse office spaces that have to be presented in proper fashion. Each location (or object) is viewable in several informative pages that give the viewer a better view of the premises and its specifics. This is done with the aid of visuals and additional information in the form of text. The availability of office locations constantly changes, this is represented in the map, which shows all the available locations represented by an icon on the map. Users can click the icon to find out more about the office at their ideal location and can directly contact Van Dijk & Ten Cate to ask for additional information.


Unique Video Banner

The banner was created by our in-house team, the initial step was the shooting of the video through a DJI Mavic Pro Drone. This footage was then edited to cater to the requests of Van Dijk & Ten Cate; they wanted to show off their offices located at the ''Zuidas'' in Amsterdam. The banner creates an inviting primary image that catches the viewers eye and adds to the overall clear feel of the website.


We designed and developed a custom-made mail system that enabled Van Dijk & Ten Cate to send property-invites to clients. The system creates a unique way of reaching out to potential clients whilst informing them of the latest and greatest ongoings in the real estate market.



All of the taken steps in this project combined for an effective sales and informative tool that helps Van Dijk & Ten Cate as well as their customers. The addition of visual support further adds to the look and feel of the website making the user feel in control and granting a great User Experience.

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