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Verburgt Fashion

Verburgt Fashion has over 50 years of experience in the import and export of "ready-made garments". They focus on design and production for large international retail concerns. Their specialties are denim, children, short-term (fast fashion) and ladies collections. The head office of Verburgt Fashion is located in Amsterdam. All activities are carried out from this location. Their main objective is to offer an optimal price-quality ratio to our partners, combined with good fits.


Verburgt Fashion came to us with the request for a website that could effectively portray their core business; the in & export of ''ready made garments''. This was to be presented towards their B2B audience in an enticing and convincing package of their available services. The site had to be fully responsive to both mobile and desktop users.


Web Development

One of the great things about working on a fashion website is the beautiful imagery that can be used to illustrate the companies services. Verburgt has an international audience which made us choose to incorporate 2 languages options on the website. The website presents the available services, a company background & history and contact information subdivided per department. It further focuses on the companies social compliance to showcase the companies'social and ethical standards. All of these factors were enforced by the images that were provided creating a visually pleasing informative digital brochure.


All these matters combined create a website that is currently used to portray Verburgt fashion to its business partners and clients. The website is accessible to both mobile and desktop users which enables viewers to access the website at all times. All in all the website has a spacious look and feel and was made to portray the core business and values of Verburgt Fashion.


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