What's Open Now

Web development, UX/UI Design, App, Branding

This is what we did for What's Open Now


Creating the Brand

UX / UI Design

Custom User Experience & Interface Design

App Development

Creating an App that Suits the Brand

Web Development

Creating a Website that Suits the Brand

What's Open Now

Standing in front of a closed Supermarket, Bar, or Gym? Never again, that’s our goal! WhatsopenNow utilizes the world’s biggest and most extensive database of businesses, and arranges it in a clear and simple manner to give you the best possible overview of what is open, right now, anywhere in the world! The application service was largely developed throughout 2018 and launched at the start of 2019. It now functions as a utility service for travellers and city-dwellers alike.


The creators of the WhatsopenNow service came to us with the request for a guiding partner in the creation and marketing of the application. The initial designs and user experience were to be designed as to entice the application’s target group. The development of both the application and the website were also included in the request.

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