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Creating a Brand from A-Z



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Zilt Cars

Zilt Cars is a future-oriented car company that focuses on producing clean cars that are ready for a nature-friendly future. This company has always been connected with Innovative Brands & Innovative Digital due to the fact that our Creative Director; Simon Koop designed their car models. The company strives for a cleaner, greener future in the automobile industry by creating affordable cost-efficient cars that are made for the largest market segments.


Zilt Cars came to us for the creation of both their brand and website. They wanted to establish a household name in the industry that stands for green and affordable product that prefer nature over profit. The branding had to come in the form of product & website creation.


Zilt Cars, the Brand

The creation of a brand starts from the ground up, due to the fact that we were involved since the immersion we were able to help shape the brand to what it is today; a reliable go green-company that provides a glimpse into the automobiles of the future. The portrayal of this brand stems from the creation of custom imagery that comes to its full fruition on their website. This is supported by the more detailed aspects like finding the perfect logo and font to support their message. All in all, creating a concise and fitting portrait to represent the brand.


We created a custom-made website that has been optimized for both desktop and mobile users, this combined with the branding efforts creates an effective a-z branding package that represents their powerful message of a green future in a captivating manner.


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